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next event: SEPTEMBER 26, 2021 at stonebrooke center

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At some point for some of us, Church became somewhere we went. This is our attempt to have a conversation that isn't confined to Sunday morning, but a part of your everyday life. Have you ever had a question about God? Church? Faith? Let's talk about it.
This is Stonebrooke Unplugged...a bare bones, stripped down gathering, reading and teaching through the Book of Mark together and discovering who Jesus is... And why that matters.
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About Us

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At Stonebrooke, we’re building a network of people focused on meeting the needs of our community and making life better for everyone in Pulaski County: a diverse group dedicated to resourcing and developing people to love all those around them and improve the lives of everyone they know and meet.

Think community Jesus movement centered around bringing growth and change and hope.

We’re committed to revolutionize the way you, your friends, and your families live, work, give, learn, grow, serve and enjoy life everyday.
If you’re looking for a way to make a difference... If you have something to offer for a cause that’s so much bigger than yourself... If you need a tribe of imperfect, accepting friends to discover your purpose and explore what it means to really belong and really matter... We’d love to connect and do some good things together. No matter your background. No matter your faith or lack of belief. No matter the hurt or failure you’ve experienced.

There’s a place for you at Stonebrooke. You’re invited. Help us make a place to make life better. For our community. For you.