Volunteer Opportunities

Serving is part of the DNA at Stonebrooke. It’s what we do. If you’re looking to crank up the heat and make serving your next step, here are some ongoing opportunities available at each campus.

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SB Kidz

As a SB Kidz volunteer, you have the opportunity to help children learn to love God, grow up, and serve all in both up front and behind the scenes roles. You can love on babies and toddlers, join alongside elementary-aged kids in worship and teaching, prep materials for lessons and activities, or help with child check-in.

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The production team is a group of behind-the-scenes volunteers who make weekend services happen smoothly and efficiently. This team is for people who have technical skill and love to be creative, work hard, and seek excellence in the details. Production team members must have a willingness to learn!

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Guest Services

Guest Services team members specialize in hospitality, both up front and behind the scenes. From parking lot traffic directors, to greeters, there are opportunities to serve before, during, and after all of our weekend services and to make guests feel welcome. In essence, Guest Services exists to help people feel like they belong at Stonebrooke. 

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Care Team volunteers care about people who are hurting, struggling, and in need of someone to talk to and pray with. The prayer team spends time praying together before, during, and after each weekend service. Filling an invaluable role, these volunteers connect with people and help them seek God in their time of need.

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The SB Music Team is a group of people who lead others and set an example of worship during church services. Through singing or playing an instrument, music team volunteers work together to use their talents and abilities to glorify God and encourage others to join in the magnification of the Name above all names.

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Volunteers in Chaos/Collide partner with parents as they walk with students through the challenging season of teenage years. This team of volunteers help with small groups and activities, such as weekly gatherings to large events and summer camp.