Church. For People Who Don't Like Church.

Save a Seat means more than giving money to a building.

It means being a part of changing someone's life for the better.

Through your donations and your help, Stonebrooke Church and Stonebrooke Center will affect many lives in the Pulaski County area and beyond. Save a Seat means you are saving a seat for someone who needs it. It means providing a place, a home, a loving comfort to someone who would have gone without.

It means changing the world, one seat at a time.

Stonebrooke Church saved a seat for me, and that seat saved me. I’m excited to pass on that opportunity to someone else.
— Joseph Bennett

We're building a state of the art community center in Waynesville, MO. This center will be a hub for convenience and entertainment here in Pulaski Co., and the home of Stonebrooke Church.

You've been contacted by a friend or family member because we believe in the mission that Stonebrooke Church has set forth,  to help people fall in love with Jesus. Here's a bit about our church. Feel free to also peruse this website, as we have a lot of info about what's going on; everything from kids to teens, to online audio messages and events. 

Stonebrooke Church

Stonebrooke Church began as a place for those who wanted to attend church but were put off by the traditional idea of ‘church.’ In early 2012, Stonebrooke began with a core group of 20 people, and over the course of the year expanded into over 250 in regular attendance. Our attendance and services have only grown since then.

Our vision has always been to meet people where they are, make them feel at home, comfortable, and provide a safe place for connecting with others and learning about Jesus. Since the beginning Stonebrooke has been mobile. Our volunteers set up and tear down the whole production including sound, lighting, projection, stage, chairs, and coffee bar every Sunday. So when the plan was set in motion to build a building, we were overjoyed! Finally a space for our 500+ members to call home!

Stonebrooke Center is not only a place for Stonebrooke Church, but a place for the community. The Center will offer a daycare/preschool to over 100 children, have a café/coffee house, and a large auditorium for events like weddings, military ceremonies, concerts, shows, and any community events that the city would like to hold. Other churches, groups, and organizations will be welcome, just like a community center.

Stonebrooke is looking for partners to not only bring a much needed space for the community, but to help a church give a safe place for those hurting; those who are unchurched and are looking.

By partnering with Stonebrooke, you’ll be providing a seat to someone in our community who would have gone unchurched and may not have ever known Jesus. To partner with Stonebrooke in fulfilling our mission and creating a loving environment for the unchurched, you can purchase a seat in our auditorium. We so appreciate your consideration, trust, and financial partnering.

How can I save a seat?