Dad's Day

Happy Father's Day!

Here at Stonebrooke we decided to throw a party and call it "Dad's Day!"

In case you missed out, here's what happened. 

Rock & Roll, Games, Giveaways, Root Beer, Bacon Wrapped Weenies, and a message that's completely relevant to your life! 

We gave away Springfield Cardinals Money, Bow & Barrell Gift Certificates, and a ton of Root Beer and Bacon! Congrats to our grill winners - Let us know when you're having that BBQ!

Listen along as Mark elaborates on the story of the Prodigal Son from Luke 15. Jesus talked about the reaction the father in the story had to his son returning after throwing away his inheritance. Dad didn't care though. He was just happy to be reunited with his son. God feels the same way about you! Who cares what your past looks like, come home and let's party!

Listen here!