If you've ever been to Stonebrooke, you may know that currently we're trying to construct a community center in our hometown, Waynesville. Our plan is to create an environment that supplements the lifestyles of our locals by providing things like a daycare, an event venue and a cafe. These are things that our community needs an updated, state-of-the-art facility to host. By building a place like this, our plan is to positively impact every person that comes in contact with us. What does that mean? It means that we see a need in our community, we have a need for a permanent location for our church and we are doing everything we can to allow for a project that not only benefits us, but the people we serve as well. Stonebrooke Center will be a safe haven. It will be a place to let loose, work out and even conduct business.

But it's a church, right?

No. Stonebrooke Center is a community center first and foremost. From the beginning, Stonebrooke Church has been a portable organization. The word for church in Greek is "ecclesia", which simply means "a gathering". We've moved from place to place in Pulaski Co. and due to our wonderful congregation and their inclusivity. We have reached a point that literally no longer allows us to fit our population into any other venue in the area. The question has been asked several times, "Do we absolutely have to have a permanent location?" The answer we keep coming to is, "Yes. You can not continue to grow and impact the lives of the people around us the way that you have, without a place to call 'home'." To be honest, that's not what we wanted to hear.

Instead of just building a church, we decided that we can best reach people by constructing a place for everyone. A place that isn't just for "church people." So we decided to design and build Stonebrooke Center. Building a building means time, money and manpower that we simply don't have. It means risking our future as a church on the chance that by the time Stonebrooke Center is open we'll have the money to pay for it; putting systems on hold, exhausting our volunteers backs and their wallets. For a church plant, about 4 years old, this simply put is an impossible task. 

We need your help.

Before we get to the how, let us explain the why. 

Here's what the estimated value of our building is: $2.4 million

This amount does not include the land the building is on, which is a prime location in Waynesville, MO. It's located directly between a technical school and a community college. Just down the road is our local high school, a brand new cinema and a new hospital. This is a high traffic area, and we think that if your'e going to build here there's no better spot. This amount also does not include anything inside or outside of the building itself. No appliances, no parking lot, no licenses for daycare, no salary for staff (daycare included), basically nothing more than the building itself. 

Here's what we are spending on the building: $1.75 million

How is that possible? We've spent countless hours, days, weeks, finding ways to reduce the cost of construction. That $1.75M is not just for the building itself. That amount covers everything from the furnishings to the chairs we need to host events. Faucets, appliances, flooring, tables, security systems, a state-of-the-art sound and video system. We've managed to cut costs across the board, thanks to extreme diligence and lots of research. This task that we've set out to accomplish feels literally impossible, but we think that we've figured out a way to do it for SO much less than it SHOULD cost. We're not lucky, we're working hard. 

Conversations with other people who have attempted similar endeavors always lead to the same place: It can't be done. We believe it can be done though. We've researched every possibility and every story of a church that has built a building, whether it be a church or any other facility. The success stories are almost always the same. Most churches are made up of people who are strong believers. A lot of these churches also have backers. I'm not talking about people who give on Sunday morning. I'm talking about people who have lots of money, and are committed to giving large chunks of it to their church. At Stonebrooke, things are different. 

Our church community is made up of lots of different types of people. To say that we don't have big givers is simply not true, but they are numbered less than 3. We're made up of mature Christians, new Christians, atheists, agnostics, pagans, witches and many other types and levels of faith. The way we do church is different. Our church is literally what we believe is the most inclusive Christian organization we've ever heard of. That means that not everyone is willing to give or give much. So once again, this is where you come in. We've exhausted our resources. Churches are notorious for falling through, so our banks are only willing to loan us so much. 

We need $450,000 more to finish Stonebrooke Center.

$1. We're asking for every person who sees this to give us just one dollar. Of course, we'd love for any donation of more than that amount. Our hopes are that enough people will see it our story to complete this project.

We also have another campaign called Save a Seat. If you'd like to give more or set up a monthly donation, you can do so here.