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Q. What are Lifegroups?

A. Stonebrooke Church meets as one large group on Sunday mornings and several small groups throughout the week. We refer to our smaller groups as Lifegroups and they are a huge part of what we're all about! Lifegroups are a lot of fun and provide an opportunity to meet other people in the same stage of life. Lifegroups are where people get together just because of a common interest, groups for men, women, couples, marrieds, with and without children, divorced, and deployed families. We have groups with pre-planned curriculum and have some groups where curriculum or the topic will be decided after the group forms.

Q. Why does Stonebrooke have Lifegroups?

A. We believe that life is best lived in relationship with one another and really where we do life together. We have Lifegroups where people get together just because of a common interest and have fun. Yet, for those wanting to go a little deeper and study curriculum we have a Lifegroup for them as well and the group where we believe life change happens and members grow even deeper in their relationship with Christ, experiencing real community.

Q. What kind of Lifegroups are there at Stonebrooke?

A. Connect Groups : These groups are social clubs that meet based on common interest that we like to use as introductory type groups. These groups are good for those looking to meet new people without the commitment of a curriculum. This group provides an opportunity to meet others with similar interests and get comfortable with the idea of Lifegroups!

Growth Groups : These groups are for those that want to study a curriculum that primarily explore a single relevant topic (spiritual growth, dating relationships, marriage, parenting). The church has some donated studies that are free and available for borrowing from the Lifegroup Pastor. In addition, there is another list of some NPM approved studies that groups can purchase for a cost, or if a group finds a study they are simply asked to share it with the Lifegroup Pastor prior to starting. This is because as a Stonebrooke sanctioned Lifegroup the staff has a responsibility to view and approve all curriculum.  Our beliefs are not a requirement to be involved, the goal of our groups is to create a community in a safe place for all beliefs and backgrounds.

Wednesday Night Groups: Short term groups which meet to discuss topics similar to growth groups and Connect groups, but for shorter periods. These groups form four times a year (twice per semester) allowing people to choose a group by topic and night of the week with majority of these groups offered at Stonebrooke Center with free childcare. This is another access point to introduce the Lifegroup concept in a safe environment.

Q. When and where do they usually meet?

A. We have groups that meet all throughout the area primarily in someone's home and on different nights of the week. Groups typically meet for a semester (4-5 months), Stonebrooke offers two semesters that coincide with the school year, Fall Semester is Aug- Did and Spring Semester is Jan - May.  Groups may elect to continue through another semester. Stonebrooke also offers short term Lifegroups (Wednesday Night)- these groups form four times a year (twice per semester) allowing people to choose a group by topic and are offered at Stonebrooke Center with free childcare.

Q. Do I have to stay in one lifegroup? What if I don't like it?

A. Nope, not at all. We want you to connect with a group, so if one isn't feeling right we have an open door to try others until you find the right fit. No one will be offended because we promote that throughout. It's that important to us that you feel comfortable. 


Q. How do I start a life group?

A. Contact the Lifegroup Pastor and fill out a Lifegroup Plan! It's really that simple. Make a post on Facebook (Stonebrooke Staff will share it and make a comment) and personally invite some people, Stonebrooke Staff will mention it in the announcements on Sunday morning, place it on the TV screen roll in the hallway, place it on the website, and assist along the way.

Q. Can anyone start a life group?

A. Yes! If you can herd cats or coordinate parties, you're qualified.


For even more information, you can download this Lifegroups guide designed for Lifegroups leaders.