One of the most important days of your year..

Why should you go to Stonebrooke’s Grouplink?

Because it’s awkward! But in a fun way. We know meeting new people can be awkward, so we embrace the awkwardness and host Grouplink. We make it awkward so you won’t be alone and everyone has fun!

But bring comfortable shoes! You only have 5 minutes with each leader, that’s right its like speed-dating for groups! There will be food and music, and every 5 minutes people move, not in any specified or designed way either, just where ever you want to go. Its really controlled chaos and a lot of fun!

Grouplink is our process to kick start our lifegroups and provide an opportunity for you to shop around the various groups in a fun and safe environment. Speak with one or several group leaders in a similar stage of life or interest before selecting the best fit. Come be awkward with us!