3 Reasons Your Kidz Will Love Stonebrooke

Are you looking for a reason to spend Easter at Stonebrooke? The number one reason is our Kidz program!  Stonebrooke Kidz have so much fun every single Sunday. Our teams dedicate their lives to making sure your kids love going to church on Sunday. Here are the top three reasons your kids will love Stonebrooke!

1. It's loud!

High energy, engaging teaching with music and fun happens here every Sunday! Our trained volunteers put a lot of time and effort into creating an atmosphere your kids will never want to leave.

2. Everybody's a friend!

Your kids will see friends they have, and make new ones. Name tags make it easy! Our volunteers are trained to be friendly, exciting, accepting, and of course - FUN! 

3. Jesus isn't boring!

Our Kidz Teams are constantly making adjustments and planning new methods to keep your kids engaged. Stonebrooke Kidz is the funnest place to learn about Jesus, and become his lifelong friend.

"No coloring pages here - we don't make you color and stuff." - Zane (Age 9)

We provide a fun and safe environment for your kids. If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message. We guarantee church won't ever be the same!

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